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We will continue to monitor the state of the codebase and network. On Zclassic [ ZCL] and Bitcoin Private [ BTCP. The UXTO snapshots are considered the first ZCL BTC blocks found after February 28th 5pm UTC.

Bittrex will NOT be supporting the market for. If you hold on to your ZCL, get the BTCP which will open trade. Bittrex zcl furca btcp. I held my ZCL through the fork on bittrex based on their statement.

ZCL to BTCP Has Amazing Potential. Bittrex expects to be able to provide technical support for BTCP withdrawals at least a week after the fork, but for now does not intend to trade the asset. And not that they give you less than 1: 1 for zcl. Does not have ZCL listed.

I moved all my ZCL to my wallet as I think it will be a delay before bittrex folks get their BTCP. Statement on Zclassic [ ZCL] and Bitcoin Private [ BTCP] – Bittrex. Do i need to do anything for me to recieve the btcp or they will just show in bittrex?

Bittrex announced a few hours ago that it will not support Bitcoin Private’ s [ BTCP] market but will offer its users who hold ZClassic [ ZCL] on Bittrex partial support by claiming and withdrawing BTCP because of certain issues with the ZClassic wallet. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.

The ZClassic team has been accused of poor planning crash as the ZCL coin turned into a speculative asset, communication, leading to the spike inviting users to flip before the hard fork. Π Rendered by PID 23820 on app- 663 at: 49: 34. Bittrex has shut down the Zclassic. ZCL is only available on Bittrex.
Holders of bitcoin and zclassic will both be eligible to receive bitcoin private ( BTCP) on a 1: 1 basis. Bitcoin Private ( BTCP) is a proposed " fork" of Zclassic ( ZCL), combining the Unspent Transaction Output ( UXTO) set of ZCL with the UXTO' s of Bitcoin ( BTC). We will not be opening a BTCP market we are working hard to make the wallet available sooner if possible. Get the $ BTCP but of course, ZCL is worth almost.

Bittrex zcl furca btcp. Zclassic / Bitcoin ( BITTREX:. ZCL on Bittrex and Cryptopia.

ZClassic ( ZCL) : You Should Have Listened In The First Place. BTCP withdrawals may take at least a week to be available after the BTCP network launch. Mar 11, · Congratulations everyone - Bitcoin Private hitting the exchanges Those holding ZCL coins will receive BTCP.

Bittrex support of ZCL- > BTCP, timeline on despoit of BTCP. In less than six hours zclassic will fork to create bitcoin private a new privacy- oriented coin that uses zk- snarks to obfuscate transactions. They should support the ZCL hodlers and provide BTCP. Bitcoin Private ( BTCP) Fork from ZClassic ( ZCL). Bittrex will make all reasonable attempts to credit our ZCL users BTCP but until we have a fully supported wallet, we can not guarantee tokens. Bittrex Exchange have distributed the # ZCL Forked.

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Statement on Zclassic [ ZCL] and. claiming and withdrawing BTCP.

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